Is it cliché? Maybe a little. But you know why your mom, older sister, guidance counselor, second-cousin…anyone and everyone who’s already graduated from high school keeps on saying it? 

Because it’s true.

You’ve got AP classes to take. Football games to attend. College applications to complete. A homecoming dress to find. Volunteer hours to submit. And those are really just the basics. Of the fall semester.  

You've also got memories to make. Goodbyes to prepare for. An exciting future to dream about (and a ton of dorm room shopping to do). Combine must-do tasks with mixed-up emotions and what do you get? 

One big blur.   

Someday soon you’ll put on the last “first day of school” outfit you’re ever going to wear, then you’ll blink and find yourself standing on a stage in your cap and gown. This year is going to be equal parts special and surreal, and’s going to fly by.

My job is to make sure you remember every second of it. 

No, I can’t follow you through the hallways on a daily basis with my camera (although I’m sure a documentary starring you would be pretty cool). But during your senior portrait session, I can capture you exactly as you are. From experience, that’s the real key to recalling everything you’re getting ready to feel and see and do during this once-in-a-lifetime season of life. 

My Philosophy

senior portraits should be an experience

Senior portraits are about more than pretty pictures, I want your session to be one of the highlights of your senior year. Your senior session should be uniquely YOU, customized to exceed your expectations. During your EWP senior session, we will hang out, jam to your favorite music and take some gorgeous pictures that showcase your true beauty.

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